Membership Code of Conduct

PRBC Membership Agreement
(Revised August 15, 2013)

The purpose of the Booster Club is to promote and encourage The Oakland Raiders®, through fellowship of all the Raiders® faithful in a responsible and respectful manner. We operate as a not-for-profit organization with no funds used to benefit any individual member and to perform charitable work, in accordance with the Oakland Raiders® guidelines. This club is here for all to have fun and root for our team, THE RAIDERS®.

Your dues are used for membership in the club, your shirt, and other club related expenses (including but not limited to, artwork for shirts, postage, publicity, internet fees, post office box fees, service charges for tickets, stationary, bulk mailing supplies, etc.).

Since we are supporting a nationally recognized sports team, at all times we are to conduct ourselves, at the very least, in a civilized manner.

It is required that a club member conducts themselves in a respectful manner when wearing any type of PRBC attire in public. Excessive use of profane or inappropriate dialog will not be tolerated.

There will be no underage drinking or illegal activities on the premises of club functions. This includes the conduct of anyone deemed a guest or child of a member. Club officers or establishment personnel may ask you to refrain from such use or leave the event.

Any physical violence will result in immediate dismissal from the club and termination of all club benefits. There will be NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

Furthermore, if any action such as the above is needed, you will immediately forfeit club dues, ID card, and privileges, with NO refunds. This is to remain a family-friendly, “No Thug Zone.”

This club will be run in a professional manner, and we are open to debate topics. However, should any of these debates become overly heated, any two officers of the club may terminate, or table the discussion until a more suitable time can be scheduled. After further discussion, a vote of such topics will be made.

Each local club member will be expected to participate in at least 2 Club Related Activities per year.

This could include participation in club meetings, pre-event preparations, performing duties during a club related event, post-event duties, or simply wearing PRBC attire (with pictures available to post on website) representing our club in a public Gameday or NonGameday Event.

Members are expected to provide for their own food and beverage needs at the establishment that is chosen ahead of time (members may NOT bring food from another establishment into club events without prior approval); this includes providing servers with a minimum $2 per person gratuity. You may add the gratuity to your own bill or give it to the club treasurer to be given to the servers at the end of the scheduled event.

If there is a problem with one of your servers, please alert one of the club officers. In accordance with establishment guidelines, any member who wishes to purchase a non-alcoholic beverage will be given one free refill, before a second beverage charge will be added to your bill. Also, a two beverage minimum will be charged if food is not purchased. Currently we meet and watch games at CATALINAS SPORTS BAR & GRILL located at 2939 N. 16st Phoenix Arizona 85016.

All excess club dues will be donated at the end of the fiscal year to our designated charity. Club dues are non-refundable.

When the club travels, members are responsible for their own needs. The club may or may not arrange for tickets, and if members and their guests would like to attend the club-sponsored game, they must make the greater value of a $50 or 50% deposit, which is NON-REFUNDABLE, for the price of each ticket. Travel expenses and lodging are at the discretion of the individual members and will not be paid for with club funds. The booster club will make recommendations, but the cost of such items is up to each member and their group. Tailgating expenses are up to each traveling member.

We must all use common courtesy, if someone is speaking during Non Gameday activities, please be quiet and listen. If the club is having a meeting or watching the game in a private home, please be respectful not only of the home, but also the hosts.

Finally, the club is here for fun and support of the best team in the NFL®, the Raiders®!!! Along with that, we must only purchase items that are officially licensed or approved by the Raiders ® organization or the National Football League®.

This Booster Club will be a “NO BOOTLEG ZONE.”

These are the membership criterion of This OFFICIAL Raiders Booster Club as of August 15, 2013. Details listed on this page are subject to change if special circumstances require us to do so.

The PRBC Cabinet Promises to make changes ONLY if it were to benefit the club & its members as a whole.

On behalf of the Raiders® organization, we thank you for your interest in The Phoenican Raiders Booster Club.

Go Raiders!!!

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