About Us

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We are a very “tight-knit group.” We love to get together to watch Raider Football games during the season, host parties and participate in fundraisers in the offseason.

WE ARE A 501(C)(3) Charitable Organization!!!
Our Organization's name is "Phoenicians Contributing to Arizona"
This will enable individuals and corporations provide us with tax deductible donations to our charitable events & programs. We often invite 2 other Phoenix area Raider Booster Clubs to our events. The “Oakland Raiders Soldiers Booster Club-Phoenix Chapter” (ORSBC-Phx) in West Phoenix, & “Die Hard Raiders Booster Club” in the East Valley.

Although we root for a California NFL team, nearly all of our charitable efforts & dedication are channeled towards people in Phoenix and its surrounding areas. Our work within the community is not exclusively for Raider Fans with former Raider players. We have also do charitable work with (Non Raider) former Pro Athletes as well.

We have an OUTSTANDING cast of cabinet members who are constantly looking for different ways to improve our club and increase the club’s popularity by recruiting new members, providing discounts at local phoenix area establishments and by getting former/current Raider players to come and visit. It is always a very popular attraction to see former Raider players come out to our club, take pictures and/or sign autographs.

Most Oakland Raider Football games are not on regular television in the Phoenix area. So, whether you live in the Phoenix area or if you are coming in from out of town, please come on out and join us on Raider Game day or any other special events that we may have. Everyone is Welcome!!!

Michael Smallwood, President

Michael has been living in Phoenix, Arizona since 1992. He is originally from St. Louis, Mo. & admits that he has never lived in the State of California. Most of his Raider friends here in the Valley told him that he is fit to be president of an Official Raider Fan Club because of his long standing involvement with Raider Fans in the Phoenix area. Michael was a long time member of the “Arizona Raiders Fan Club”, which was a former Official Raider Booster Club in North Phoenix before the club ceased operations in the early 2000’s. In regards to the City of Phoenix, He is very comfortable with his knowledge of the community, the rich culture of Raider Fans and the history the Oakland/LA Raiders Organization.

Michael has been a Raider Fan since 1982. He is the founder and President of THE PHOENICIAN RAIDERS BOOSTER CLUB. He takes great pride in his commitments to Raider Nation and will continue to do so by taking it to the next level thru their booster club. That’s his story and he says that he’s sticking to it…

“Friend him” on Facebook (Raider Myke Smallwood ), he is an Administrator on the PHOENIX RAIDER CHAT ROOM which is a closed chat room for Raider Fans with interest in the Phoenix Area. If you are a Raider Fan, he will invite you too. GO RAIDERS!!!


Vice President Alex "Low Raider" Mendoza

Complete "Bio" coming soon.

Alex was the President of "The Defenders of the Silver & Black" BC in San Antonio, Texas.

He lived in the Valley for years prior to move Texas & now he's back!!!  We are very fortunate that he chose to join our club because we need EXPERIENCED Quality help for our rapidly growing club. Especially to help fill in void from losing Susan.

Mikayla's has also proven to be a huge asset to our club as well.  She is responsible for maintaining our club's INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT


Sean Kirkwood senior treasurer

Sean Kirkwood grew up in Tucson, AZ before joining the US Air Force in 1981. Long before that, he was a Raiders fan, to the dismay of his parents (who didn't follow football) and his friends (who were, sadly, Cowboys fans). After spending most of his military career overseas, Sean came back to Phoenix in 1998 and started in on his bucket list of seeing the Raiders play in every stadium in the NFL.  So far, he has crossed off Oakland (of course), Denver, San Diego, Kansas City, Tampa Bay, Jacksonville, Cleveland, New Orleans and Arizona.


Sean is on his second year of going by the name "Major Raider" and is always ready on the front lines of Raider Nation with a smile, a sarcastic comment and a huge amount of passion for the Silver and Black! He loves greeting fans of the other team, making friends and sharing the great game that is the NFL. As treasurer for both the Raiders and Rattlers side of the PRBC, Sean keeps busy year round.


Aimee zagelow Press secretary

Aimee is a native Oregonian and was raised in Beaverton. Aimee played basketball and softball competitively earning a Metro league softball championship her junior year at Aloha High school.  Her interest in sports media propelled her to Portland State University where Aimee earned a Bachelor of Arts in Communications.


From the time Aimee was a baby in her father’s lap watching Oakland Raider football, sports have been an integral part in her life, she hasn’t missed a game in decades and has always had a deep understanding of the game and is often referred to as Raider Girl.


This sports passion led to Aimee starting her radio experience as a sports anchor/board operations role at 750 The Game in Portland, Oregon. Now, onto her next adventure, Press Secretary for the Official Phoenician Raiders Booster Club, she is honored to be in the cabinet and looking forward to a great season ahead. In addition, watch out for her launch of her new sports podcast, "Take Aim with Zags" in front of a live audience at the Home of the PRBC Catalina’s Bar & Grill.


Linda Abel (Assistant Treasurer)

Born and raised in Washington state.  Met Dave in 2000 , That is when I became a RAIDER fan. Was always just a baseball nut. Retired from Oregon State in 2009, moved to Nevada. Was not warm enough for me. So moved to AZ. But before we moved we had to check to make sure there was a booster club here. We have been season ticket holders for years and still are.  We met some of the most wonderful people here at this great booster club. So then bought a homeless here in Surprise. Well this is short and sweet..

So very honored to be part of this club..

Linda Abel

Sean Armstrong (highland raider) Sergeant of Arms

Sean is a dedicated family man first and foremost. When hes not dressed for games or events, and not at work, with his beautiful fiance Karrajh and their four kids they have together is where he spends most of his time.

Born and raised in CT, patriot land, he spent most of his youth as the lone Raider in his group of friends. As the appeal of the silver & black pirates caught his attention at a young age, while witnessing Bo topple over goal line defenses.

As a fan of all things in the Raider Nation lifestyle, AND a fan of all things Halloween, he grew great admiration for the super fans of the black hole, from Violator, to Rilla, to the Oaktown Pirate. Only just a few years ago though did he have the idea of merging his love for the Raiders and his love for his heritage, and the "Highland Raider" was born! He does not view himself as a "super" fan though, but merely a die hard fan who enjoys to dress up and share the love. He is VERY proud to have his oldest daughter Nevaeh (the Highland Raiderette) join him from time to time at games or events.

Sean is relatively new to the BC scene, but with joining the PRBC, his hopes are to share his love for the Raider Nation way of life with other Raider friends and family, and to give the youth of the Nation a positive "role model" to look up to and fuel their love of the shield even more. After all they are the future of the fans.

So come on out sometime and dont be afraid to say " Hey Highland, how bout a pic?" He looks more intimidating than he really is underneath the gear. And hes always got time for Raider Nation, young and seasoned.


As sergeant at arms for the west side chapter, Sean protects the rules, respect, and integrity of the PRBC, by keeping the peace amongst members and visitors. And to always encourage respect to the 99 Pub & Grill for allowing us to use their fine establishment to expand the PRBC to the westside Raider Nation in need of a safe family friendly atmosphere to enjoy the games and other great times together.

Ship's Captain Dan Wright

I am a life long Raiders fan. I moved here in 1998 from Banning, California. I've worked at UPS since 1998.  I've never officially been in a Raiders booster club until now, but always supported and helped in whatever way I can. Very active in youth sports with my children and have been coaching youth football for the last 5 years.  Always have and always will be a DIE HARD RAIDERS FAN!!!

Club Recruiter, Robert Prescott

The Raiders are not just a team, It’s a way of life

Robert was a Cowboy Fan before he turned to the dark side in 1969 which was during the Civil Rights Movement. A more rebellious Robert Prescott loved “The Black Panthers” and the Oakland Raiders because they both matched his attitude at the time. He lived in Los Angeles to in 1974 to 1981, only minutes from the LA Coliseum. In 1981, he moved to Phoenix, Arizona where he currently resides.

Today, a much more mature Robert Prescott works very hard to redefine the negative stereotypes of Oakland Raider Fans. He has been living in the Phoenix, area since 1981. He has long standing ties to the Community and the Raider Fans who live here. For the first time in over 40 years as a Raider Fan, Robert joined an Oakland Raider Booster Club. PRBC is the first and only Fan Club that he has ever joined because of what the club stands for and also because of our OFFICIAL BOOSTER CLUB STATUS with the Oakland Raiders Organization.

Assistant Club Secretary, Nicole Prescott

Nicole is Robert Prescott’s daughter who is very supportive of her dad’s interests in the club.  Like her father is very well liked among the members & supporters.

Presidential Advisor, Anthony "Matrix" Anderson


Anthony is on the Cabinet as a special request from Mike Smallwood. They have been watching Raider Football together for nearly a decade. “Matrix” is the President of the “Rollin Knights Motorcycle Club” (Phoenix), which brings years of club experience to PRBC. He is not seen very much by the PRBC members, due to his responsibilities to the motorcycle club, but he is the person who Smallwood turns to for leadership advice from time to time.

Eric Taylor "West valley club ambassador"


Hello, my name is Eric Taylor. I have been a Raiders fan since I was 8-9 years old. I began my football life as a Miami Dolphins fan, but my oldest brother Tony Taylor was a huge Oakland Raiders fan back in the 70s. He introduced me to greatness of Raider football. Since I was a defensive back playing Pop Warner football I always liked the "11 Angry Men" defense of the Raiders. Skip Thomas, Jack Tatum and George Atkinson were the guys I emulated. My love for the Raiders intensified when I moved to Oxnard California following my life in the US Army. My brother Tony was working at KROC radio in LA, he had the Raiders as a client. This meant going to all the games and meeting players at special events. (I lived 5 blocks from their training facility). I have also had the opportunity to go to games in Oakland years later when I attended school for physical therapy outside of Oakland. I still remember going to my first game there, see hundreds of Raider flags blowing in the "AUTUMN WIND"!! I have enjoyed being a part of Raider fan clubs, I spent 8 years with the Oakland Raiders Soldiers Booster Club and one year with the Ventura County Raider Booster club. I hope that I bring the same passion to the Phoenicians Raider Booster!

Raider For Life!