About Us

Thank You for visiting our website!!!

We are a very “tight-knit group.” We love to get together to watch Raider Football games during the season, host parties and participate in fundraisers in the offseason.

WE ARE A 501(C)(3) Charitable Organization!!!
Our Organization's name is "Phoenicians Contributing to Arizona"
This will enable individuals and corporations provide us with tax deductible donations to our charitable events & programs. We often invite 2 other Phoenix area Raider Booster Clubs to our events. The “Oakland Raiders Soldiers Booster Club-Phoenix Chapter” (ORSBC-Phx) in West Phoenix, & “Die Hard Raiders Booster Club” in the East Valley.

Although we root for a California NFL team, nearly all of our charitable efforts & dedication are channeled towards people in Phoenix and its surrounding areas. Our work within the community is not exclusively for Raider Fans with former Raider players. We have also do charitable work with (Non Raider) former Pro Athletes as well.

We have an OUTSTANDING cast of cabinet members who are constantly looking for different ways to improve our club and increase the club’s popularity by recruiting new members, providing discounts at local phoenix area establishments and by getting former/current Raider players to come and visit. It is always a very popular attraction to see former Raider players come out to our club, take pictures and/or sign autographs.

Most Oakland Raider Football games are not on regular television in the Phoenix area. So, whether you live in the Phoenix area or if you are coming in from out of town, please come on out and join us on Raider Game day or any other special events that we may have. Everyone is Welcome!!!

Michael Smallwood, President

Michael has been living in Phoenix, Arizona since 1992. He is originally from St. Louis, Mo. & admits that he has never lived in the State of California. Most of his Raider friends here in the Valley told him that he is fit to be president of an Official Raider Fan Club because of his long standing involvement with Raider Fans in the Phoenix area. Michael was a long time member of the “Arizona Raiders Fan Club”, which was a former Official Raider Booster Club in North Phoenix before the club ceased operations in the early 2000’s. In regards to the City of Phoenix, He is very comfortable with his knowledge of the community, the rich culture of Raider Fans and the history the Oakland/LA Raiders Organization.

Michael has been a Raider Fan since 1982. He is the founder and President of THE PHOENICIAN RAIDERS BOOSTER CLUB. He takes great pride in his commitments to Raider Nation and will continue to do so by taking it to the next level thru their booster club. That’s his story and he says that he’s sticking to it…

“Friend him” on Facebook (Raider Myke Smallwood ), he is an Administrator on the PHOENIX RAIDER CHAT ROOM which is a closed chat room for Raider Fans with interest in the Phoenix Area. If you are a Raider Fan, he will invite you too. GO RAIDERS!!!